Congratulations to our other Brothers, "Old School" for winning the 2011 Barbershop Harmony Society's International Quartet Championship in Kansas City and bringing the gold back to the MidAtlantic District!

A special thank you to our director Jack Pinto for all of his dedication and commitment to the Brothers and his Championship quartet.


The Brothers in Harmony
from Hamilton Square, NJ - Adam and Jay Dorfman, Philadelphia, PA July 2010



The Brothers in Harmony from Hamilton Square, NJ
The Brothers in Harmony are very excited about the direction we are headed. We have grown in leaps and bounds over the past year but we are looking to share our love to sing with the surrounding area and you. The Brothers in Harmony were very proud to represent the Mid Atlantic District of the Barbershop Harmony Society in July 2010 at the Philadelphia Convention Center in competition with the best choruses in the world where the Brothers performed a very moving Vietnam themed package with songs from Billy Joel and George Jones. The chorus has been performing under the direction of native Hamiltonian, Jack Pinto for over a decade in Easton, PA. Our most recent move to Hamilton Square, NJ has generated much excitement and enthusiasm in the area and we have grown to over 90 men. Our rehearsals are open to the public and we welcome new singers while rehearsing at the Presbyterian Church on Nottingham Way Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm-10:00pm. We also welcome opportunities to perform for all area organizations or fundraisers. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information...


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The Brothers in Harmony are performing on September 20, 2011 in the Concert for Peace for the North Philadelphia Madrugadores Rotary Club Tickets are $25 available at www.madrugadores.ticketleap.com/concert. 


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  • Frank the Dog
    Tenor: Tim Knapp
    Lead: Tom Halley
    Baritone: Ross Trube
    Bass: Steve Kirsch

  • Fairway Four
    Tenor: Tom Kealey
    Lead: Bob Freemyer
    Baritone: Walt Trevaskis
    Bass: Tony Eng

  • Friday at O’Malley’s
    Tenor: Patrick Casey
    Lead: Charlie Ross
    Baritone: John Forziati
    Bass: Rich Flint

  • Go Fourth
    Tenor: Jason Thompson
    Lead: Mark VanBruggen
    Baritone: Tom Anderson
    Bass: Andrew Gensey, Jr.

  • GSQ
    Tenor: Steve Dunie
    Lead: Ron Cinnella
    Baritone: Marty Israel
    Bass: Tom DeBruin

  • Jim and Tonics
    Tenor: Ed Rounsaville
    Lead: Jim Rohn
    Baritone: Norm Rohn
    Bass: Ted Peterson

  • Old School
    Tenor: Kipp Buckner
    Lead: Joe Connelly
    Baritone: Jack Pinto
    Bass: Joe Krones

  • Out ‘N’ About
    Tenor: Jerry Surgent
    Lead: Andy Guerriero
    Baritone: Ed Wlazlowski
    Bass: Jack Mitchell
  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Tenor: James C. Danner
    Lead: James R. Danner
    Baritone: Mark Dubivsky
    Bass: Ray Walker

  • North Penn Four
    Tenor: Tom Telford
    Lead: Stephen Sagrestano
    Baritone: Darrel Rocke
    Bass: David Gale

  • Docapella
    Tenor: Dr. John Hagaman
    Lead: Dr. Victor Iturbides
    Baritone: Dr. Tom Anderson
    Bass: Dr. Andrew Gensey, Jr.

  • Rapid Fire
    Tenor: Frank Boyko
    Lead: Rick Quarterone
    Baritone: Kirk Anderson
    Bass: Don Knieriem

  • Razzmatazz
    Tenor: Bill Gable
    Lead: Rick Ashby
    Baritone: Ed Ludwig
    Bass: Don McElroy

  • Special Occasion
    Tenor: Ed Rounsaville
    Lead: Bud Miller, Jr.
    Baritone: Harry Forrest
    Bass: Alvin Evans

  • Synergy
    Tenor: Marsh Fisher
    Lead: Kevin Gregan
    Baritone: Guy Kirk
    Bass: Steve Zellers

  • Ta-Dah!
  • Tenor: Ed Roundsville
    Lead: Jim Rohn
    Baritone: Ed Wlazlowski
    Bass: Steve Leventhal

    Why Not?
    Tenor: Jason Thompson
    Lead: Russ Steger
    Baritone: Don Farrell
    Bass: Gary Warlow


San Francisco, CA
Lawrenceville, NJ
The Brothes in Harmony Team up with the Libery Oaks chorus for a combined number in our Spring 2009 Musical Masterpiece show.
Door prizes

Jack talks to the crowd as Adam Lends a hand during our 2009 Musical Masterpiece.

Open Space
Friday at O'Malley's

Our very own, Friday at O'Malley's singing away. Visit them on the web at http://www.fridayatomalleys.com/

O.C. Times

One of the best quartets and one of our own, way to go Sean!

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