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Old School Quartet

This group is for hire

All 4 members of Old School have a rich barbershop past; they all grew up listening to their dad’s sing barbershop. Old School’s philosophy is to stay true to the musical roots of the hobby they all fell in love with as kids. To simply say they ring chords and sing the old songs is an understatement; they deliver a musical and visual delivery from the heart, which is believable, and sensitive to the song and its classic arrangement throughout.

After forming in 2008, in their first International contest they became 5th place bronze medalists. A few months later, they became the Mid Atlantic District champions. Both in 2009 and 2010 they earned 2nd place International Silver Medals.

In July of 2011 in Kansas City Old School placed 1st becoming International Gold Medal Champions!   Old School’s members have earned numerous honors individually with both with quartets and choruses throughout the society.

Old School is comprised of:
Tenor: Kipp Buckner
Lead: Joe Connelly *
Baritone: Jack Pinto **
Bass: Joe Krones

* - member of the Brothers in Harmony
** - Director of the Brothers in Harmony

Awards and Achievements: 

2011 BHS International Quartet Contest Champs - 1st Place - Gold Medalists!

2010 BHS International Quartet Contest - 2nd Place - Silver 

2009 BHS International Quartet Contest - 2nd Place - Silver 

2008 BHS International Quartet Contest - 5th Place - Bronze

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