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Our Vision and Mission


  • Perpetuates and celebrates harmony in the barbershop style

  • Promotes fellowship and friendship among men of good will

  • Provides the opportunity to experience the joy of four-part a cappella singing

  • Introduce and sustains music in the lives of people everywhere



  • The joy of singing and ringing chords in four-part barbershop harmony

  • Fellowship and friendship

  • Services to others through our music



  • The Barbershop Harmony Society brings men together in harmony and fellowship to enrich their lives through singing


Vision Statement

  • To be the premier membership organization for men who love to sing


Long-range Vision

  • Each member experiences
    - the joy of hearing his own voice in four-part harmony;
    - the friendship and fraternity of his fellow singers;
    - the personal, social, musical and leadership skills he has attained through his membership in the Barbershop Harmony Society

  • Our Quartets embrace and perform music predominantly in the barbershop style and in a broad range of other a cappella styles. Through the educational and coaching opportunities available in the Society, they continually improve their public and contest performances.

  • Chapter meetings are well planned, musically satisfying, and fun. Chapters are a diverse group of men, brought together by the joy of harmonizing in the barbershop style. Each chapter embraces and performs a cappella music with the barbershop art form as the root of their existence.

  • The chapter enriches and energizes each member through fellowship, fun, and the joy of singing.  With their performances and their alliances with all other local vocal music groups, our chapters are leaders in the musical life of their community employing and enjoying the same educational opportunities for improvement available to quartets and all singers.

  • Our district and all international conventions, festivals, and educational conferences incorporate contests, activities, and training sessions to meet the needs of our membership and their families. We continually strive for improvement in individual, quartet, chorus and Society activities, performances, and events.

  • As a Society, we have forged a strategic partnership with other singing organizations to create the premier a cappella musical organization in the world, encompassing and welcoming all, while continuing to recognize and emphasize the unique and prized qualities of the barbershop style. The largest supporter of vocal education in the world, the alliance has formed strong partnerships with school choral groups, music educators, and their organizations.

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